Friday, 8 April 2011

Gardening in HDB flats

My mum love we have about 12 plants consist of pandan,curry,lime and some spiky plants which said is good to ward evil spirits.Our old house is a corridor and we use to place the pots on the brick,since our new house is also corridor house,I told my mum that this time we need to organize and not to block the passageway.Solution is to buy those DIY racks and place the plants neatly.Not only the plants is organized,it's sufficient for our neighbours to pass by.Guess I will need to set up more racks since Mum's plants collection is getting bigger :]

 DIY plant rack

 Our common space

Still got some more space for plant..

Old house with plants just lay on  the bricks..Mum have to bend down to nurture the she doesn't need to lower her back and reduce backache :]

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