Thursday, 26 May 2011


 The TV feature wall

 Dining Area

 In colours..I just love the combination of the fan,feature wall,curtains..each to individual preference

 The counter top my plants lol

 Indeed lightings brings moods to the surrounding

 The half open concept kitchen lol

 MBR toilet

The common toilet..

  Firstly I would like to syukur to Allah for granting my wish and dreams.To my late dad..this apartment is name after you..cos you will be remember always...To my mum who always there for me.Love you Mum..To my brother and sis in law for helping me to transport the lightings/fans from JB..hehhe..

  To my interior designer from Northwest Interior design, Ms Angie Tong..thanks for your patient,the,the ideas..without you me and Mum dream would never come true...Specially to my Reno Buddy..Ms Rosniyati Bte Sahad..Thanks for your advise,recommendations,sorry I stole some of her products ideas,to Fadzil her hub..Thanks for being understanding..You guys guide me through my reno journey and finally we had our abode to live in..PS: I'm Lovin it :]

Lights,curtain,accessories..put em all...

 Part of the lighting in my abode..

 Lights start to on... add the touch..

 The plan

 Ferrari Fan..I love it!! 
 The choosen

 Blum system for my kitchen

The hanging lights for the counter top


Time to blog

Whewwww it's been quite some time i never update my blog..Finally it's been almost 1 months plus since we move to the new place.All the things unpacked..housewarming was a sucessful one..thanks to my reno buddy Rosniyati Sahad for her recommendation on Farah Diana Catering service..well..I be sharing you my humble abode pictures soon.Since first my objective for this blog is more to the process of my renovation journey..with this I would like to announce I will start blogging soon..this is aspire by a person I know..who had a interesting blog..and I believe blogging would release my stress and at least I have someone to talk now which is my keyboard..and u..the readers..Well keep a look out for my pictures..feel free to comment yah :]

Friday, 8 April 2011

Main Gate and Main Door

At first we wanted to use the ex owner old gate and paint back and put decals on the main door.Firstly,I'm so lazy to paint and secondly the gate left by ex owner seems a bit too small for me..I just love to enter my abode with wide entrance.Our reno budget already up...since beginning but I feel a new gate and main door will last me for years to come.So we change it...Furthermore dunno whether I'm being too superstitious..having a new gate and door will bring new beginning of luck for

 The old gate and door..although the gate match the window grill 

 I hate to paint doors

 The new wrought iron gate

 My new veneer door,I just love the look very condo look lol

L box downlight is too big????

Tempted for a RM$28 downlight which is on promo in JB..I grab 18 of them.Slowly sneaking to Singapore custom day by day without being TAX..At last all my lightings,ceiling fans being able to brought to Singapore..Bought a black downlight and show to my ID...My downlight is just too big for HDB..the one I bought was 6" which commonly use in commercial building.I felt so disappointed and wasted but luckily ID told me she gonna made the L Box thicker to hold my big downlight.Apparently I was quite worry if the light is too big..after my electrician put the lights holder in the cornice..hmmm..not so bad..I just love it..furthermore the design of my downlight I hardly seen in Singapore lightings shop :]

 The oversize downlight,luckily ID widen the width of the cornice :]

 Light holders are up 

Tadaa..not bad..but maybe a bit bright..quite good cause I only need to on 3 lights in a row for sufficient lighting in my living and dining :]

Where is my Shoe???

 Ex owner shoe rack in the living.....

The empty space in front of my dining

New shoe cabinet with PVC cushion

At first we wanted just normal shoe rack which place outside the house.Thinking back our shoes might be lost by some thief or bangla and our new store room is in kitchen,it's quite inconvenient to bring our shoes to the kitchen.Not really keen in building shoe cabinet because it's quite expensive,suddenly ID ask me what am I going to do to the space of my dining.She told me this space is usually ideal to make shoe cabinet.Told her it's going to be expensive and she told me.."I pay half,you pay half"..thought she was joking and guess what my 7" feet shoe cabinet only cost me $525 the original price suppose to be $1050..So I grab the we wanted a darker laminate but ID order it wrongly,getting feedback from my brother and reno buddy,white is quite nice...match my interior and TV feature wall which is black and white..furthermore my dining table and chair is gonna be it just blend in..well hopefully so..the things I hate about white it get dirty easily but black too if dust are trap..the dust particle is obvious on black surface,,while I just love the black,white and grey theme for my new place :]

Gardening in HDB flats

My mum love we have about 12 plants consist of pandan,curry,lime and some spiky plants which said is good to ward evil spirits.Our old house is a corridor and we use to place the pots on the brick,since our new house is also corridor house,I told my mum that this time we need to organize and not to block the passageway.Solution is to buy those DIY racks and place the plants neatly.Not only the plants is organized,it's sufficient for our neighbours to pass by.Guess I will need to set up more racks since Mum's plants collection is getting bigger :]

 DIY plant rack

 Our common space

Still got some more space for plant..

Old house with plants just lay on  the bricks..Mum have to bend down to nurture the she doesn't need to lower her back and reduce backache :]